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Law Of Attraction For Beginners

In a nutshell, the basic law of attraction states that you will attract what you focus on most in your life.

Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas will be reflected in you. When you focus on positivity, positive things will be attracted into your life, and the same goes with negativity.

There are seven laws of attraction. These familiar concepts teach us that we attract things into our lives based on our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. Operating from an energetic frequency, the Law of Attraction will amplify your experience of reality and open your mind to new possibilities!

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If you are here questioning whether the Law of Attraction is real, rest assured that it is real and constantly around us all.

Read on as we discuss the seven Laws of Attraction, how to manifest them, and more!

Believing In The Law Of Attraction

It is really important to commit to believing and opening your mind to the Law of Attracting not only existing but working.

People who succeed in using this law have a genuinely amazing and unbreakable connection to the Universe- they can create tangible thoughts, known as manifestations.

The best way to start is to pay close attention to your thoughts. Think about what you want, what you don’t want, and how it makes you feel.

Connect with yourself and connect with your emotions. So, take a leap of faith in the Universe, and know that you will reap what you sow.

The Seven Laws Of Attraction

When you align your energy field using the correct tools to raise your vibration and energy levels, you will see and feel the results.

There are seven laws of attraction, each one as crucial as the next:

1. The Law of Manifestation.

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Being keenly aware of the decisions you make and living in the present are key to mastering this law. Consciousness is always a choice.

It is the choice to continually be aware of the things around you, prioritize what is important, and bring value to your life.

Your mind is probably the most powerful and essential tool available to you when it comes to manifesting your desires, and everything you think will reveal itself to you.

This works both ways, so it is possible to attract negative outcomes if you focus on the negativity.

By understanding this, you know that you have the incredible power to manifest your dreams and desires if you feed yourself with positive thoughts!

2. The Law of Magnetism.

a magnet attracting small metalic balls

When you begin to understand that everything you have experienced results from the energy you release into the world around you, you will see that we as human beings are the magnets of our own lives!

Just like our beautiful Universe, we are also made out of vibrational energies. We can only attract the same energy that we put out ourselves, like a magnet, and that is precisely the Law of Magnetism.

Because the universal Law of Attraction is always working, the magnetic exchange will never lose its vibration in the Universe, whether we are aware of it or not.

This is why it is crucial that you release the energy you are okay with receiving in our world.

3. The Law of Pure Desire.

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Understand that it takes a lot more than one thought to reveal the life of your dreams. A lot of people become confused about how their manifesting powers work.

Those who have success in manifesting their most profound desires understand that there is no “genie in a lamp,” the power came from a strong desire within.

Desire means that you are driven by intention and certainty of a beneficial outcome, and you have to genuinely believe that you are worthy of receiving what you want.

4. The Law of Paradoxical Intent.

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The feeling of wanting something too desperately creates a paradox that has the power to push away the things you desire in your life.

To want something is one thing, but you are pushing it away when you become so desperate to have it.

Balance happens to be the key to this law. When we find balance, we release the energy needed.

To become at peace with what you currently have in your life, you will suppress feelings of desperation, create a life full of gratitude, and make you appreciate what you now have more.

5. The Law of Harmony.

Young woman practicing yoga outdoors

The law of harmony was initially set in place for us to align ourselves with the energy flowing through the Universe.

When you are tapping into the abundant flow of the Universe, you are granting yourself access to what the world has to offer.

This is something that is in your hands; you have to do yourself. No one can do it for you.

6. The Law of Right Action.

You will be happy to know that merely being a good human will bring positivity and good karma into your life.

The way you treat those around you has the power to attract or reject the things you seek. Life can be challenging at times, so always make sure what you are doing is still honoring yourself and others.

7. The Law of Expanding Influence.

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You may not think so, but everything you do has a tremendous impact on the world! The power of the vibration within you becomes global by virtue of this law.

The law of universal influence means precisely this: we affect everyone and everything around us, and the energy we give is so powerful, even strangers are impacted.

Therefore, it is crucial to take care and be mindful because every action and reaction influences all things around us.

Using The Law Of Attraction

You can do so many things to start manifesting your inner powers and begin your journey to become your best self! Instead of living day by day, start doing something you love to do.

Doing things we love automatically builds on our confidence, raises our happiness, and feeds our soul.

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Start a gratitude journal.  Writing 3 things every day that you are grateful for will make you more conscious about yourself, the people around you, and the influence they have on you.

Meditation is an excellent way of raising your energy levels, keeping you calm, and aligning your chakras. It is especially powerful to meditate after journaling, as meditation will improve your mood and increase feelings of acceptance towards yourself.

Start to love yourself, regardless of the present or past. As emotional beings, we tend to punish or resent ourselves according to present or past experiences.

Loving yourself is the first and strongest manifestation you can send out into the Universe, and it does not have to be time-consuming or energy draining.

When you are sure about what you want, it’s all about taking action.

What the Universe always delivers to you is dependant on what you feel and believe. The moment you doubt it, you are sabotaging yourself and making sure that it will not.

Continue To Believe!

Have you ever had the feelling that the more you want something, the further it drifts away from you? We already mentioned the paradox of desperation, but the real question is, have you been taking enough action?

The Law of Attraction is about replacing negative thoughts and feelings with positive energy. It would help if you focused on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

a guy telling a girl to believe in her self

Eliminating unhealthy things or people in your life and replacing them with positive thoughts, feelings and actions are always the right choices. The feeling you’ll get is guaranteed to support you.

Those who keep searching for proof of its truthfulness might never get the confirmation they want. The evidence is in the inner happiness experienced by its magic.


The law of attraction can really benefit all of us if we just start to treat others how we want to be treated. Every thought is a seed in our destiny, and we are all a part of the same garden.

Nothing in our Universe is a coincidence, and every one of us is a miracle!  Starting with small manifestations and proving the little things to yourself is crucial to get rid of your doubtful thoughts before manifesting greater things.

Remember, The Universe won’t work for you but with you.