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If You Can’t Sleep, Is Someone Thinking About You?

At some point in our lives, we all wonder whether someone is thinking about us. We hope we’ll get some kind of sign, but quickly convince ourselves that’s impossible.

Human evolution mostly involves the material, neglecting the psychic and disconnecting us from our ability to feel each other’s spiritual presence. But, that doesn’t stop the universe from catching the signals and transmitting them to other people.

If you can’t sleep, is someone thinking about you?

You may struggle to fall asleep if someone is deeply thinking about you.

man having a hard time sleeping with his hands on his face

Imagine the scene. You’re exhausted. You just climbed into bed and are feeling relaxed and ready for a good night’s rest.

But then, you can’t fall asleep. No matter what you do, you just can’t fall asleep. It may be a sign that someone is thinking of you, and sometimes more than one.

That person’s energy is traveling to you through the universe and keeping you awake as much as it’s keeping them awake. Most often these are good thoughts, like missing you or wondering what you’re doing.

What Is a Psychic Phenomenon?

In parapsychology, psychic phenomena contradict scientific or physical laws, suggesting that mental processes are sometimes the cause behind certain experiences.

It’s a sensation or feeling that washes over your body for reasons you can’t explain. They just exist and communicate with you. Psychic phenomena go by many names, including:

  • Telepathy
  • Second sight
  • Clairvoyance
  • Extrasensory perception

We all have an element of the psychic within us. Maybe you remember a time when you could feel someone’s eyes on you. That sensation is your sixth sense letting you know that someone is staring at you.

How Are You Drawn to Someone?

Your subconscious mind and higher self are strong forces that work every day. When you are strongly drawn to someone, it often means there’s a strong spiritual or psychic connection between you.

If You Can’t Stop Thinking About Someone, Does That Mean They Are Thinking About You?

Many people have contradicting answers to this question. The argument is that if you can’t stop thinking about someone, they aren’t necessarily thinking about you non-stop, but they might be.

Woman thinking and cannot sleep

In some cases, a person is thinking about you when you can’t stop thinking about them. You might have a strong psychic connection with that person. When they are thinking of you, you notice.

Some people believe if you’re going about your day and suddenly think about a person without reason, then they may be thinking about you. It may happen many times throughout the day.

Other Signs That Someone Is Thinking About You

Not being able to sleep isn’t the only sign that someone is thinking of you.

Here are some of the most common psychic phenomena that someone is thinking about you:

Consecutive Sneezing

Consecutive sneezes that come out of nowhere are often signs that someone is thinking about you or is missing you. Many Asian cultures believe this about sudden, uncontrollable sneezing.

Of course, there are many natural triggers for sneezing like allergies or having a cold. If you know you’re healthy and your surroundings are clear of irritants, then someone might be thinking about or missing you.

Random Hiccups

You can get hiccups after a meal or taking a big chug from your water bottle, but some hiccups happen for no reason.

If you suddenly find yourself hiccuping, it might mean someone is thinking or talking about you. Unfortunately, this psychic sign is usually negative. A person might be talking behind your back or having bad thoughts about you.

Some believe there is a simple way to figure out who it is. First, start tracking every time you have random hiccups. Make sure you rule out natural reasons or your medications, if you have any, as the cause.

Second, take note of the people around you when the hiccups start. A common person may appear, but if not, it means the person is somewhere else.

Dreaming of the Person

A person appearing in your dream doesn’t always mean they are thinking about you, but sometimes it can. You might wake up one morning and think about how strange it was to dream about that one person you haven’t seen in a while.

They might be thinking about you, and that’s why you had a dream about them. It could also mean that you’re going to enter that person’s mind. Some believe it means that person wants to reunite or see you in the future.

Emotional Waves

Sometimes you’ll suddenly start experiencing an incomprehensible wave of emotions. You might be having the best day, but for no reason, feel super despondent.

It also works in the reverse. You could have the worst day, and out of nowhere, start feeling calm. The most common explanation is that someone starts thinking about you and disrupts your emotional flow.

Emotional waves will happen whether someone is thinking good or bad thoughts about you. The intensity of the emotion signals how deeply that person is thinking about you.

You might even find yourself completely distracted for no apparent reason.

Burning Ears and Cheeks

When your ears or cheeks begin tingling, it might mean someone is thinking or talking about you. It feels similar to a slap or blood rushing to your face.

Sure, there might be other factors causing this sensation, like being embarrassed or having an allergic reaction. But if those aren’t present, then someone might be thinking about you.

Unfortunately, this is another negative sign that someone is either wishing ill on you or spreading bad things about you.

In some rare cases, flushed ears mean someone is talking about you with fondness and possibly even love.

Twitches in Your Eye

Twitching or itching in the eye could be a sign that someone is thinking about you if you rule out natural causes like ailments, diet, dehydration, insect bites, or allergies.

Thoughts are either positive or negative, and some say you can figure it out. Eye twitches in men and women differ. A twitch in the left eye for a man is negative and positive in the right. It’s the reverse for women.

Eye twitching can also mean that someone wants to see you and is thinking about it.

You might figure out who it is through other psychic signs. In that case, and depending on your relationship with that person, try contacting them. They might be missing you.

Unexplained Touch

Sometimes you’ll have this feeling like someone is touching you even though there’s no one there. This is one of the scarier signs that someone is thinking about you.

You can link it to energy vibrations rather than anything supernatural. Although, people do report feeling the comforting hands of a loved one that recently passed.

You can determine whether it was positive or negative energy depending on how the touch felt. If it was gentle and calming, the thoughts were good. Conversely, they are bad if the touch feels uncomfortable and eerie.


Goosebumps are a physical reaction to strong emotional energy. It can also be a sign that you’re cold. Goosebumps happen when you listen to music that touches your soul or watch a scary movie that washes you with fear.

Goosebumps that appear for no apparent reason can mean that someone is thinking about you. In most cases, it’s because they are drawn to you or like you.

Unexpected Synchronicity

You might randomly bump into a person in the most random place. Somewhere you hardly ever go. Maybe you’ll see their name on a banner or sign. Or think about a time when someone called you right after they popped into your head.

These synchronicities can mean that someone is thinking about you. Your precognition and intuition joined forces to draw that person to you. Of course, the reverse can also be true.

young girl in satin pajama thinking while lying in bed

Final Thoughts

Someone might be thinking about you if you can’t fall asleep and have ruled out all-natural causes. Apart from that psychic phenomenon, many others might indicate that you’re on someone’s mind.

Always remember to rule out any natural conditions before deciding that someone is thinking about you. If you just dusted the room, you’ll sneeze and it won’t be because you’re in someone’s thoughts.

Be cautious when interpreting psychic signs, and remember these the next time something unexplainable happens.