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How To Live Life To The Fullest As a Teenager?

Being a teenager at these times is really not easy as it seems. Life became so comfortable you don’t even feel like getting off your couch and stop scrolling social media feeds or watching Netflix.

However, life is something way better than things you can see on screens – especially if you know how to live it to the fullest. Ready to find it out?

Take Responsibility For Your Life

You’re not an adult, but you’re definitely not a child anymore which means you can take responsibility for certain parts of your life.

Of course, school is your biggest concern at the moment, but after you’re done with homework and other school tasks, there’s definitely plenty of room to do more.

Start with your bedroom. It’s a place where you surely spend lots of time so it’s important to keep it well-organize. Make sure to clean it at least once a week.

Also, take out all of your clothes and accessories from time to time. Get rid of the things you don’t use anymore so you don’t stuff your space with unnecessary items.

Maybe some of your friends or cousins can do the same so you can exchange stuff? That way you cleaned your room, got some new stuff, and didn’t have to spend money on it. Bingo!

Girls teenagers with shopping bags on city street

Part-time Job

Even if your parents are there to provide you with all necessities, it’s good to start earning your own money from an early age.

Not only you learn how to appreciate the money because you have to work for it now, but you also gain a new set of skills you’ll find very useful later in life.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like that at first. Maybe you mow your neighbor’s lawn or deliver newspapers so you might find it useless for your future career.

That’s really not true! Every job has its value because, first of all, it teaches you how to be responsible and do things you’re obligated to do.

Other than that, your first job can teach you how to be clever with money. It’s easy to spend lots of your parent’s cash in the mall or some other place, but you’ll definitely think twice before buying something, knowing how hard you’d worked for that.

Also, you’re in touch with a different type of people, which is very important for sharpening your communication skills.

No matter which job you choose later in life, it’s going to be easier to go through job interviews as well as some other stages of selecting process if you’ve gained experience with people at a young age.

Teenage boys hanging out in a bedroom music and sports hobby concept

Hobbies & Interests

We understand, sometimes it’s not easy to have a part-time job, study for exams, have a social life – and coordinate all that with your everyday activities. You may decide to skip a job at some point because it felt too stressful.

That’s completely okay because we’re not robots and we all need a break from time to time. Still, don’t waste the free time you now got.

Try to find things that relax you and make you happy. Have you always enjoyed drawing, dancing, or some similar creative activities? Don’t hold it back! Put all of your interests on paper and see if there’s anything you can do about it.

Maybe there’s a cool dance school nearby where you can enroll? Not only it’s a great way to pursue your passion, but you can also meet some new friends with the same interests.

It’s very important to discover your hobbies and things that bring a smile to your face. Life is getting harder with time, so by having that, you’ll always have your very own little happy corner where you can escape when things get too stressful or tiring.

Taking Care of Your Body

Coupled with the upper point, it’s important to take care of your body. Not many things will occur as painful at a young age, but we all feel consequences after years of not taking good care of ourselves.

For instance, if you spend lots of time sitting in front of the computer (after you spend hours sitting in school), you’re likely to experience back pain at a certain age.

Check if there are any workout programs nearby or you can pick any sport out there. Not only it’s great for your body, but it also builds your character and strengthens your discipline – which is a good way to beat procrastination.

Other than that, it will be way easier for you to concentrate as well as deal with negative emotions through intense physical activities such as various sports. Volleyball? Dance classes? Soccer? Karate? We’re sure there’s somewhere an option that can interest you.

happy teenagers sitting on grass looking at phone in the school

What About the Future?

No, you don’t have to figure it all out at a young age. You can be curious and check the universities without knowing if you even want to go to the university until the last moment.

It’s important to be informed and start thinking if there’s a passion in your life you’d like to turn into a full-time job one day.

Talk to other people, listen to their stories, ask questions, and collect valuable information. However, don’t forget it’s YOU who need to decide where you want to go with your life.

Taking responsibility for your life is a process you build step by step. As we’ve already mentioned, start with your room, then continue with helping out your parents around the house.

After that, collect the information that can help you with your future choices – and be ready to take full responsibility for them. It’s okay to choose wrong or change your mind in the middle of the process.

That’s what life is all about – exploring, thinking it through, and simply making actions that will bring you closer to the life you really want to live.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Yes, we know, it’s very hard not to do it. Being a teenager means you have to deal with a lot of pressure coming literally from everywhere.

Your parents treated you as a kid until yesterday, while today they suddenly switched to the completely different side and started to be more strict, telling you how you need to grow up and think of your future. Agree, that really sounds scary at first.

However, it’s not just them. Your friends at school, influencers you’re following on social media, the rest of the people on the internet – do you often feel like they are way better than you?

If the answer is yes, stop right there. No, I’m not going to tell you you’re perfect, because no one is. Social media platforms have brought an irrational picture of how people should look, feel, or behave – which is mostly impossible to achieve in the real life.

No one can be happy, productive, or motivated all the time. Life is mostly about combining your everyday tasks, spending time with your loved ones, meeting new people, and having fun, true.

Yet, it’s also about going through hard times, getting up in the morning when you really don’t feel like doing it, finishing your chores when you’re very tired, and many other moments you won’t see on social media.

What you’re looking at over there are just pictures. Take a photo of yourself and look at it. Does it seem like a whole new person looking back at you?

Of course! Because a photo is only a tiny fragment and just a small moment in our day. It’s up to you to make the most out of the rest of it.

Reading book. Female teenager with blonde hair is at home at daytime

Stop Procrastinating (Yes, That Includes Watching Motivational Videos)

YouTube and social media platforms are overwhelmed with motivational content. Everyone is talking about how you can be productive, which 10 steps you should follow to stay motivated, etc.

We’ll save you some time and share the best motivational advice out there – turn off your phone and computer and stop watching those videos.

Procrastination is not only scrolling through social media feeds or watching cat videos on YouTube. It’s also when you spend an hour watching motivational videos. That content is surely more useful than seeing how a cat falls off the table while trying to catch its toy, but it’s still just a consumption.

People love motivational content because it makes them feel less guilty, plus it doesn’t seem like procrastination at first.

Yet, you don’t really do anything useful for yourself, and, even after hundreds of hours of watching motivational videos, you might still be at the place where you were when you started.

Motivation is not something you can feel whenever you want to, but there is an element you can affect – your behavior. Turn off your screens and simply GO.

Some Final Words

Don’t have high expectations from yourself. You’re not a robot and no one says it’s forbidden to get lost in a good movie or TV series as well as to scroll the social media feed.

However, it feels amazing to turn those activities into a small treat you reward yourself with after finishing all your responsibilities during the day. Also, if you need some more helpful tips or have any questions on how to live your life to the fullest – we’re here for you.