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Can You Manifest for Someone Else?

The moment that ‘thing’ you were manifesting comes into your life you feel elated and want to start trying to manifest for someone else.

Maybe it’s a loved one, or it’s a stranger that you know is having a difficult time. Whatever the reason we get excited.

The question is: Can we manifest for someone else?

The simple answer is yes, sort of. You can’t manifest anything for anyone who isn’t already openly manifesting. Even then, they are the ones who will ultimately bring what they are looking for into their lives.

Manifestation Love and Family concept hand holding together

Each person on the planet has their soul signature and vibrational frequency. The way a person acts, thinks, and feels influences the energy that they release into the world.

As the universe picks up on these frequencies, it reflects them back to you, bringing your manifestations into your life.

You will always get back whatever energetic frequency you out, so you must monitor your negative thoughts and beliefs. Let’s take a deeper look at manifesting for others and what you can do for them.

Alignment is Everything

Manifestation is down to the individual. Maybe a friend you know is trying to manifest a new job or house. You decide you want to help them manifest.

Later, they tell you that the manifestation worked. You’re ecstatic, but did it happen because of you?

Well, no. You didn’t manifest for her. You used your own vibrations and visualizations, but they must be her desires for manifestation to work.

However, the positive energy and space you held for her helped increase her vibrational frequency. The Universe unfolds all experiences through Divine Timing.

You might use all your energy if you try to manifest for someone whose frequency isn’t vibrating.

When we spend energy manifesting for others, we can view ourselves as bringers of light rather than master manifestors. Remind others that the light is always there, waiting to expand our minds and bring our desires into reality.

The best gift you can give your loved one is empowerment. Showing them how to manifest and giving positive energy to maintain their focus, will help your loved ones attract their own desires.

What Can You Manifest for Someone Else?

It’s common to wonder what you can manifest for someone else, so let’s take a deeper look. Remember that you can’t manifest something for someone else unless they are already manifesting themselves.


People often want to manifest money for themselves and their loved ones. You can do it. Money is simply a different form of energy.

Yes, it’s neutral but energy nonetheless. In fact, many believe it forms part of our consciousness.

Money amplifies the vibrational frequency of the person who has it. It is often thought to be evil, but people also use it for good. Of course, it simply amplifies energy that’s already in play because it’s neutral.

You can manifest money.


Manifesting health is a little tricky. It starts in your own mind. You can attract health into your life through your actions, like eating healthily and avoiding bad habits, through your thoughts, and by accessing your subconscious mind for manifestation.

The trick with manifesting health for someone else lies in that person’s belief. Even if they are open to manifestation and are practicing it themselves, they might have beliefs or lifestyle choices that are holding them back.

The best thing to do is send positive energy their way, so they can use it to manifest their health. You can also help them learn about better ways to care for their bodies.


Happy woman showing her love and gratitude

Ah, Love. We all need it to feel connected to ourselves, others, and the universe. It’s one of the most powerful energies in existence. Love has the power to change even the hardest heart if they are open.

Manifesting love is possible, but it’s another tricky one. You can’t necessarily manifest love for someone else because your ideas of love will be different from that person.

Plus, if they aren’t open to receiving love, no amount of manifesting, even from themselves, will help. You can be a positive vibrational support on their journey to love, helping them remove barriers.

You shouldn’t try to manifest a specific person. Why? Well, sometimes you meet someone and think they are the one for you.

Maybe you’ve known them for a long time and want to start a romantic relationship. You might get yourself into a toxic situation if you try to manifest someone specific.

It’s better to manifest specific traits that you want in a person. You will attract the right person for you by doing this.


Healing is a slightly different form of manifestation. You channel your energy out of your body and lay it over another. The energy can get to work healing any damage to the body or soul, like with reiki.

I can’t express enough that you aren’t the manifestor, the person receiving the energy is.

However, you can help bring healing into someone’s life using positive vibrations and visualizations that support them on their journey to healing.


Some argue for it and some against it, but most would agree that you can manifest height with intense visualizations. You must suspend all disbelief in the possibility for it to work.

As for manifesting it for someone else, you can’t unless they are open and already manifesting for themselves. A mind that doesn’t believe it’s possible to increase or decrease height won’t see the changes.


Happiness is an emotion like excitement and fear. It’s impossible to feel happy all the time simply because we fluctuate between a range of emotions whether or not we manifest or not. That’s human.

Try manifesting contentment or joy instead. These are feelings that can persist even when you feel angry or sad. Manifesting a contented life is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

How Do You Manifest for Someone Else?

After reading all that, you might feel a little hopeless, but there are things you can do to help someone else increase their manifesting power.

A Simple Manifestation Technique

The first step in this technique is to keep it to yourself. Our egos can easily cloud our vibrational energy and interfere with manifestation.

Keeping it to yourself will ensure your energy remains pure and fully aligned to help someone else.

Once your ego is in check, spend five minutes a day visualizing whatever it is your loved one needs or wants. Remember that this will only work if they are also manifesting and visualizing on their own.

Repeat this cycle of five-minute visualization for 30 days.

It’s a powerful way to boost the energy your loved one has for their own manifestation sessions.

Use the Power of Influence

You can’t manifest for anyone, but you can be a positive influence. You can start by being a positive example to those around you.

When you project powerful positive energy, your loved ones will pick up on that. It can help them tap into their own positive vibrations to manifest change in their lives.

Some people don’t have a complete understanding of the law of attraction. Be open and willing to help them learn in a way that supports their context.

If someone you know likes sports, use that as a metaphor for explaining the principles of manifesting.

The last thing to try is Ho’oponopono. It’s an ancient Hawaiian prayer that cleanses the energy in your body and the world around you. You can repeat this mantra a few times a day to cleanse the energy that surrounds you.

Who Should You Manifest For?

Beautiful happy young family hugging and kissing

There are many people you can manifest for. The most common is for your:

  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Family
  • Coworkers
  • Friends

If the people closest to you are actively manifesting, you can help them by sending out your positive vibrational energy. They will manifest the life of their dreams in no time.

Teach your children how to manifest from an early age. They will create the lives they want for themselves from the beginning. If a loved one doesn’t know about the law of attraction, teach them.

Final Thoughts

You can’t manifest for another person, but you can help them increase their vibrational energy by visualizing their goals for them.

Ultimately, it’s all up to the individual. Using different techniques, like the one outlined above, can help. You can also use the power of influence to support loved ones on their manifestation journey.